So you like Ukrainian music?

Do you also like Ukrainian literature, art and movies?

Here is a little information about the Ukraine and its people:

The Ukraine is over 600,000 square kilometers with a population of almost 50 million people. This makes the Ukraine on of the largest countries in all of Europe. The country is comprised of 24 Oblasts and Crimea (an Autonomous Republic). The capital of the Ukraine is Kyiv.

The people of the Ukraine are descended from Indo-Europeans. On August 24th, 1991, the politicians of the Ukraine declared their independence from the USSR, then on the first of December of 1991 the people of the Ukraine agreed as they voted “yes!” A new constitution was created and adopted in 1996 as they created their own currency the “Hryvnya.” Free commerce had arrived… and with it came movies, movies, sports and all things commerce.