A commercial food processor makes a commercial kitchen multiple times more productive than one without it. Processing large batches of food, slicing large quantities of vegetables for multiple dishes and shredding multiple blocks of cheese keeps a large number of employees busy for a long time if these tasks are done by hand. Using a commercial food processor, a single employee is required to operate the machine and the same amount of tasks is done in much smaller time. However, you need to make sure that you select a good commercial food processor for your kitchen which can maximize its productivity and profits. Selecting a commercial food processor is not an easy task considering the vast variety of brands and models that are available these days. You need to consider some important points when picking one for your commercial kitchen:

Select the right size for your food processor:

Select an appropriate size for your requirements so that every time you use the machine you do not have to repeat the processing task multiple times because you find the bowl too small to hold all the ingredients in one go. For a commercial food processor, a larger volume is almost always the better option since you’ll be serving many people at a time.

Consider the attachments you will be using:

A greater number of attachments are a better option for a commercial food processor so that it can cover most of the preparation work that goes on in the kitchen. You should know what types of dishes are normally prepared in the kitchen and which attachments are going to be useful.

Safety features should be incorporated in the design:

Safety features must be incorporated in a commercial food processor since untrained and new employers might be using it without any guidance. The one feature that almost every commercial food processor should include is automatic shut-off so that it protects itself and the user in case of a emergency.

Consider selecting a food processor with multiple bowl sizes:

If you think you’ll require it to process smaller quantities as well as larger ones, you should consider those options which offer multiple sizes of processing bowls. The larger bowl size will be used for processing food while the smaller bowl will come in handy with smaller tasks such as mincing garlic or herbs.

The feed tube should be wide:

A wider feed tube means you can add most of the ingredients through them into the slicing/shredding discs without cutting them into smaller pieces first.

Trampolines provide a fun activity for everyone to enjoy outdoors. Besides the entertainment it has to offer, it is also an excellent exercise that will help you burn lots of calories fast. So instead of giving your kids mobile phones and video games that will restrict them to sitting on the couch or lying in bed all day gaining pounds, trampoline makes a far better gift. Outdoor activities are fun, healthy and keep you fresh and active all day. Trampolines are not just for your kids. It’s something that the whole family can enjoy together thereby also providing you and your kids with the much needed family time. However, buying a trampoline isn’t so simple especially if you don’t know much about them. To help you out, we have listed a few things that will need to be considered to purchase the best trampoline for your backyard:

1.     Safety:

Your family’s safety is of utmost importance which is why it is the first thing that you should consider when buying a trampoline. Most of the newer models of trampolines will include multiple safety features for your satisfaction. The most important thing that you will need in the trampoline that you buy is a no-gap enclosure system. This means that the enclosure net will enclose only the jumping mat leaving any gaps outside the jumping area so that there is no possibility of limbs becoming caught in them.

2.     Durability:

Since a trampoline is not a very small investment, you will want to buy one that lasts you at least a couple of years and endures even the worst weather conditions in your region. To ensure quality, look for a trampoline with a galvanized steel frame along with rust resistant steel springs. Besides the frame, you will also need to check the quality of the enclosure net and the jumping mat.

3.     Features:

With time trampolines have evolved and included a lot of different features besides the basic jumping mat. Some of the features that a trampoline may include are ladders for climbing up the mat, rain cover to protect against the weather and more on consumerstuf.com.

4.     Size and shape:

Trampolines come in different shape and sizes to choose from. You will need to consider the area where the trampoline is going to be installed to decide what size and shape to select from.